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INDOSPEC is a leading supplier and provider of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in energy sector from oil and gas industry and renewable or green energy worldwide. We have been focusing on secondary and enhanced oil recovery techniques and provide affordable green energy in solar panel industries. Indospec Energy Solution develop cost effective and sustainability program that improve total performance of our client, we committed and fully consider for the best solution and result.

Indospec EOR
indospec-drilling-logoWe can help with any or all phases of your chemical EOR projects.
Our chemical design data base provides the background experience to develop your chemical system.
Indospec Drilling Service
indospec-drilling-logoWe supported by capable human resources, laboratory and chemicals manufacturer to reach best result of drilling operation, work over and stimulation to minimize reservoir damage and maximize oil field production.
Indospec Ge Green
indospec-gegreen-logoIn answer to the problems of electric lighting needs for coastal communities or marginal areas in Indonesia, hereby we offer practical solutions of solar power.
Indospec Energy Solution
Our complete solutions combine our products and services of technological knowledge and experience that enables us to aid our customers in meeting or exceeding productivity and business growth targets.
Indospec Property
We provide investors, owners and occupiers with a comprehensive range of integrated property and real estate services.
Indospec Mechanical Electrical
We know that mechanical and electrical systems have a major impact on the long-term value of a building.Our experienced mechanical and electrical team selects the most appropriate systems to meet each client’s needs.